Lithuanian Beer

Lithuanian Beer: GUBERNIJA Beer


In addition the wheat beer is called "white" beer because it comes from the German word "wiese" which means "white" and "weisen" means "wheat". The wheat beer differs from the barley beer as the black bread from the pie does. Therefore the wheat beer is very special and exclusive one. It is very light, lower volume, gentle taste, and refreshing therefore it is a good choice on a hot summer day. The wheat malt determines the taste of this beer. This taste is usually described as very "soft" (must taste it in order to understand). Depending on the kind of beer they could be with flavours of chewing gum, apple, orange or lemon, nuts, almonds, and clove. White beer is very flavourful: sometimes it smells like honey and sometimes like clove.

There are several kinds of wheat beer: filtered or cloudy. For example German youth prefers not filtered with lees of yeast beer. The beer seems cloudy. By turning the bottle over in front of the light, the dark lees could be perfectly seen. This is a high quality sign and not the opposite. Referring to the beer producers it is the yeast that forms the image of this beer.


There are 10 million tiny living cells of yeast in one millilitre of unfiltered beer (only 100 in one millilitre of filtered beer). The wheat beer with yeast is alive one. You may watch the movement in the glass of such beer: it bubbles and foams up. Therefore this beer needs careful pouring. In Belgium the glass is moistened with beer at first. In Bavaria "weisen" beer is presented with impressive foam, particularly if it is poured from bottle. If the beer is not cloudy enough then while pouring make a rotator motion and the yeast will come up into a glass from the bottom of the bottle.
The experts of Beverage Testing Institute described KVIETINIS BALTAS as "pale hazy yellow hue beer which pours with a long-lasting foamy head. Citrusy and banana aromas follow through on a smooth, creamy mouthfeel with a zesty, spicy finish. Outstanding."

The beer of wheat malt has old traditions of production. It is especially appreciated in Bavaria (Germany) where almost every village has its own brewery, pub famous of its original production of wheat beer, as well as in the USA and Israel.Awards:
"Lithuanian Product of the Year 2000" - Gold Medal
"World Beer Championship 2004" - Gold Medal

GUBERNIJOS "KVIETINIS" Gërimø Degustavimo Instituto (Beverage Testing Institute) 2004m. pripa"intaintaintas geriausiu pasaulyje, kvietiniu alumi.

2000 metø gaminys

World Beer Championships Award

Lithuanian Product of the Year 2000 Award