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Lithuanian Beer: Kalnapilis Beer

Kalnapilis brewery can boast of having over a hundred years of experience. But even with its long history and traditions, the brewery has been able to remain one of the most modern and innovative breweries in the Baltic States.

Kalnapilis brewery was the first to reorient the taste of Lithuanian consumers for high quality, light, pale beer and began to nurture the country’s modern beer drinking culture. Kalnapilis was the first to bottle beer in a new type of bottle, the first to introduce beer in bottles with twist-off caps, the first of Lithuania‘s beer producers to offer consumers beer in 0.33 l bottles, the first to produce especially light tasting ice beer, and the first to market a Lithuanian beer in cans.

The comprehensive development of the company, which was begun in 1995, meant that in 2001 Kalnapilis was the first of Lithuania‘s beer producers to introduce an international quality management system in accordance with the ISO 9001:2000 standard.

By investing in the latest technologies and the professionalism of the employees, maintaining a strong trademark, and guaranteeing the highest quality beer with unique tastes, Kalnapilis has ensured its position as a profitable, stable, modern brewery.

The goal of Kalnapilis is to maintain its name as the most innovative brewery in the Lithuanian market and to produce beer of the highest quality for modern beer lovers with a refined palate. The solid foundation for this is its long traditions of quality beer, the adoption of the latest technologies, its attention to the needs of the consumers and customers, its openness to innovation and youthfulness, as well as its attention to society and the nurturing of the beer drinking culture.

The Kalnapilis and Vilniaus Tauras breweries, which in 2001 began the process of merging, successfully joined the Danish Brewery Group family. The Danish Brewery Group is a dynamic and constantly growing international company, which produces over 50 brands of beer in breweries in Scandinavia and elsewhere in Europe, exporting them to countries on every continent.

In 2004 the family of Kalnapilis beers was rejuvenated. Some old products were replaced by newly created kinds of beer. All the products were adorned with new labels. The rejuvenation of both the family of beers and the packaging was based on consumer research.

Kalnapilis brewery offers beer lovers the widest assortment. The unique taste of Kalnapilis beer has brought the PanevòÏys brewers fame and honour in more than one year not only in Lithuania but also around the world. Kalnapilis’ greatest success has been winning 2 gold awards at the World Beer Cup, the Olympics of beer competitions. No other Lithuanian brewery has received such high recognition yet.
Source: Kalnapilis website

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