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Lithuanian Global Genealogical Society
Lithuanian Global Genealogical Society (LGGS) is a non-profit society that provides this site for the use of LGGS members, fellow genealogists, and those just starting their research on Lithuania, and family genealogy. Our mission is to collect, preserve, and disseminate knowledge and information about Lithuanian genealogical and related historical, biographical, and heraldic data; to inculcate and promote interest in accurate research in these fields; to issue publications in various forms of media; and to encourage, promote, and provide genealogical education and scholarly training for all interested in these endeavors. The society is composed of a host of volunteers who take time out of their ordinary lives to further our mission.


Lithuanian American Community, Inc.

Lituanus (English)
Journal dedicated to Lithuanian and Baltic art, history, language, literature, and other cultural topics, published by LAC

Lithuanian Foundation, Inc. (Lithuanian)
Lithuanian Foundation, Inc. (English)

Lithuanian Rat Pack (Yahoo! Groups)

Arizona Chapter of Lithuanian-American Community, Inc.

California Lithuanian Community

Philadelphia Area Lithuanian-American Community

Los Angeles Lithuanian Community

Lithuanian-American Community of Minnesota (LACMN)

Lithuanians in Florida

Lithuanian American Community, Inc. - New York District

Save Our Lady of Vilnius

Portlando Lietuvi&Mac247; Amerikos Bendruomenò (Portland)

Lithuanian-American Community Inc. - San Diego Chapter

Washington Chapter of Lithuanian-American Community, Inc.

Lithuanian-American Community of Colorado

Cleveland's Lithuanian Community