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Lithuanian Brandy: Stumbras Gloria & Victoria Brandy

The term ‘brandy’ originates from the Dutch language. In the Middle Ages, Dutch merchants used to generate spirit through distillation, which they used to call brandevijn, which means the ‘burned wine’. Later, when the technology was taken over by neighbour countries, people started calling the drink ‘brandy’.

The genuine brandy is the drink produced of grape spirit and diluted with distilled water. Grapes determine the quality of brandy. Strange though it may seem, but the most acclaimed experts of brandy claim that one cannot make good brandy of the vintage used to make the best wine. This is because the best brandy is produced of the grapes used to make sour and rough wine.

The second factor determining the quality of brandy is storage of the drink in oak barrels. Flavour and taste of the drink reflects the kind of oak barrels are made from, its age and the time of storage.

Lovers of brandy recommend taking the drink bit by bit, in small quantities. Usually, a glass of brandy is taken after lunch or at the end of dinner.

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"GLORIA" 10* - X.O.

"Gloria" 10* - French brandy that has noble taste, subtle flavor of fresh walnut with a slight hint of almonds and vanilla. Such qualities are determined by wine distillate, matured in oak barrels for at least ten years. Raw material of this brandy, after a long maturity period, reaches Lithuania from an old cognac and brandy factory that witnessed the onset of its production in 1853, just about a few kilometers from Cognac region in France.

In your wineglass you will feel and enjoy the famous French family’s 150-year business experience, old traditions, skills and superb qualifications, which will be evidenced by an excellent flavour and smooth taste of the Gloria brandy. Gloria 10 will satisfy the most whimsical and faddy demands of true judges and proficients, extremely exacting in their requirements.
Bottle size: 0.7 l
Alc.: 40% volume

Gloria 7* - V.S.O.P.

VSOP category GLORIA 7* is manufactured from the mixture of thoroughly selected wine distillates, matured in France. Wine spirit, impacted by oak after a 7-year maturity period in barrels, contributes to irreproachable and expressive taste and subtle flavour, with a slight hint of vanilla and walnuts.

Bottle size: 0.7 l
Alc.: 40% volume

Gloria 5* - V.S.O.P.

French brandy GLORIA 5*, matured in oak barrels, is produced from the mixture of select grape wine distillates. Aged for 5 years, distillate contributes to particularly noble flavor of the brandy with a slight hint of vanilla, drinking well on release.

Bottle sizes: 0.7 l, 0.5 l, 0.2 l
Alc.: 38% volume


VICTORIA brandy has all the best features of brandy. For over 5 years it is made only of grape wine distillates matured in oak barrels. Long and thorough work of French winemakers results in mild flavours of roses, oaks, ripe fruits and rich flavour of brandy. Enjoy the stylish brandy, add it to cocktails or drink ‘on the rocks’.

Bottle sizes: 0.5 l
Alc.: 36% volume