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Lithuanian Whisky: Stumbras Black Jack

Whisky is the legendary drink of Anglo-Saxons, the name of which in Celtic language ‘uisge beatha’ means the water of life. People are still arguing about production of whisky – Irishmen claim that they already know how to make it in the X century, Scotchmen highly deny that and say that they have been enjoying the drink for seven hundred years already.

The world of whisky is very wide and infinitely diverse. The drink may be of European (Scotch or Irish) or American (made in the USA or Canada) origin. There is more than the difference of origin between the two groups. In Europe, mainly in Scotland, whisky is made of barley, in the USA and Canada – of corn, rye and other grain.

Scotch whisky has distinctive flavour, which is formed during the process of drying of barley malt (whisky is made of it) and due to the smell of burning peat. Alcohol concentration in the genuine whisky should be 40–45% of volume.

There is a variety of ways of drinking whisky. Some fanciers of whisky take it pure others – ‘on the rocks’. It may also be diluted with water. People often argue, which of the ways is the best. However, feeling its exceptional taste and flavour when drinking whisky is what really matters.

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'Black Jack'

Skilful Scottish whisky producers have created inimitable drink – Scotch whisky. Mixed Scotch whisky BLACK JACK GOLD is produced in accordance with the old Scottish traditions, yet applying the most advanced production technologies. This whisky of an impressive colour has distinctive velvet-soft taste, pleasant and expressive flavour.

Bottle sizes: 0.2 l; 0.5 l; 0.7 l
Alc.: 40% volume